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Yesterday, Monday March 18th 2019, was the first full day of NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) at the San Jose Convention Center. The Day 1 Keynote with Jensen Huang is already posted online, and you can find all 2 hours and 40 minutes of major announcements for your viewing pleasure here.

For the last couple years, I have been honored by NVIDIA to be recognized as a vGPU Community Advisor (NGCA), along with 23 other members from around the world.

Of the 24 of us, four of us were hanging out in person for the Day 1 Keynote, as I was joined by Thomas Poppelgaard (@_Poppelgaard), Tony Foster (@wonder_nerd), Sean Massey (@seanpmassey) and our favorite NGCA leader Jared Cowart (@IT_JaredCowart). I believe Jared’s official title at NVIDIA is “Community Cat Wrangler” but I’m not sure.

Unfortunately the NGCA member attendance at GTC this year would have been more significant, but many members were already traveling to Redmond for Microsoft MVP Summit and couldn’t attend both.

Before, during, and after the keynote, there was a massive amount of announcements, news and press releases, 29 in total! I’m sure this isn’t the end of announcements this week, so I’ll be sure to keep the information updated as needed. To make it easier to navigate these announcements and find the relevant info you may be interested in, I have organized these into major categories.

General Announcements (All Categories)

Live: NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC 2019 Keynote

GTC 2019: Huang Kicks Off GTC, Focuses on NVIDIA Datacenter Momentum, Blue Chip Partners | Includes info for Developers, AI, Turing, RTX, Omniverse, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

NVIDIA, Microsoft, Epic Games, Unity and Leading Developers Kick-Start Next-Gen Gaming at GDC 2019

Data Center, Infrastructure and Cloud

NVIDIA Teams with Amazon Web Services to Bring AI to Millions of Connected Devices

Accelerating Startups: How NVIDIA and Amazon Web Services Are Helping AI Startups Grow Faster

NVIDIA and Microsoft Create Edge-to-Cloud Real-Time Streaming Video Analytics Solution

NVIDIA T4 GPUs Coming to Amazon Web Services

Global Computer Companies Announce NVIDIA-Powered Enterprise Servers Optimized for Data Science

NVIDIA Introduces New Breed of High-Performance Workstations for Millions of Data Scientists

Quadro Virtual Workstation Streams from NVIDIA RTX Server

NVIDIA RTX Server Lineup Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Data Center and Cloud Graphics Applications

GeForce NOW: The Cloud Gaming Service for PC Gamers

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Seeking More ROI for AI? Data Center Leaders Deliver with NVIDIA DGX POD | Includes info for DGX POD and SATURNV

NVIDIA Announces Jetson Nano: $99 Tiny, Yet Mighty NVIDIA CUDA-X AI Computer That Runs All AI Models

Clara AI Lets Every Radiologist Teach Their Own AI

Slide into the Latest Deep Learning Research in the NVIDIA AI Playground

NVIDIA Expands NGC Software Hub with Tools for Data Scientists to Build Optimized Solutions Faster

NVIDIA CUDA-X AI Acceleration Libraries Speed Up Machine Learning in the Cloud by 20x; Available Now on Microsoft Azure

NVIDIA Announces CUDA-X AI SDK for GPU-Accelerated Data Science

Autonomous Vehicles

NVIDIA and Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development Partner to Create Safer Autonomous Transportation

The Test Fleet of the Future Is Virtual: DRIVE Constellation Now Available

NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation Now Available — Virtual Proving Ground for Validating Autonomous Vehicles

NVIDIA Introduces DRIVE AV Safety Force Field: Computational Defensive Driving Policy to Shield Autonomous Vehicles from Collisions

NVIDIA Announces DRIVE AP2X – World’s Most Complete Level 2 Autonomous Vehicle Platform


Revving Robotics: NVIDIA Isaac SDK Brings Modern AI to Autonomous Machines

NVIDIA Accelerates Robotic Development from Cloud to Edge with AWS RoboMaker

Graphics Visualization

Stroke of Genius: GauGAN Turns Doodles into Stunning, Photorealistic Landscapes

NVIDIA Unveils Omniverse — Open, Interactive 3D Design Collaboration Platform for Multi-Tool Workflows

NVIDIA, Image Engine and Autodesk Showcase RTX Server Using Assets from Lost in Space

NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing-Accelerated Applications Available to Millions of 3D Artists and Designers This Year


As you can see from the list of announcements released this week during GTC, there’s no lack of things happening and exciting news to share. Follow me on Twitter (@youngtech) or other social media platforms, or check back in for more news released this week.

Thanks for reading!

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