Kicking into Overdrive: Introducing HyperScale, powered by HP and Atlantis USX!

Over the last several years there have been a number of different technology innovations that have truly captivated my attention. Atlantis Computing’s ILIO product evolving into USX Software Defined Storage (SDS) is definitely one of these attention grabbing technologies! When I first learned about ILIO, I personally experienced the value software-based I/O acceleration and data reduction technologies can bring to Server Based Computing (SBC) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, for both Citrix and VMware End User Computing. This was definitely game changing in the way I positioned, architected, and built SBC/VDI virtualized environments. With the evolution into USX, Atlantis [...]

PernixData FVP 2.5 – Quick and Painless Host-Side Read and Write SAN or NAS Storage Performance Acceleration

A year or two ago I started keeping tabs on PernixData, a Silicon Valley based storage performance acceleration startup, around the time well known and regarded industry expert Frank Denneman joined as their Chief Technologist. Frank joined several other former VMware elite including Poojan Kumar and Satyam Vaghani, the great minds behind VMware data products and creator of the Virtual Machine File System (VMFS). With such an all-star former VMware team, I knew PernixData would be bound for greatness, but I have just recently started evaluating their FVP products on my own (starting with FVP 2.0). FVP 2.5 released a [...]

Installing and Configuring Atlantis USX 2.2 for VMware vSphere and NOW Citrix XenServer!

Introduction and Overview Several months ago, I wrote a getting started guide for Installing and Configuring Atlantis USX 2.0 on VMware vSphere. Since that time, two additional releases have become available and new to USX 2.2 is the ability to manage, present, and consume storage from Citrix XenServer! Read more about the USX on XenServer announcement here. At Atlantis Connect in early February, my friend and fellow Citrix Technology Professional, Thomas Poppelgaard did a session with Mark Nijmeijer where Atlantis USX 2.2 was installed and configured on Citrix XenServer live (in beta at the time). To learn more about Atlantis Software Defined Storage and USX, visit USX 2.2 officially released [...]

HP Discover 2014 Presentation TB3997 – Make your workforce more productive: Get the right solution, right now, for your mobile workers with HP ConvergedSystem for Client Virtualization

I recently presented a joint-session with HP and Tony Sanchez at Discover 2014 (TB3997) in Las Vegas ( Below is the description of the session with exported images from the slide deck. Speakers: Travis Kuter, EG Alliance Manager, HP ( Tony Sanchez (@tonysanchez_ctx), Solutions Architect, Citrix Systems ( Dane Young (@youngtech), Solutions Architect, Entisys Solutions ( TB3997: Make your workforce more productive: Get the right solution, right now, for your mobile workers with HP ConvergedSystem for Client Virtualization Compute from anywhere. This is how workers get their jobs done today. Come to this session and talk to the experts from Citrix, HP, and [...]

NVIDIA GRID Free Test Drive Hosted on Amazon AWS! GPU Tech Conference (GTC) 2014

After an amazing and full-filled week with many colleagues at NVIDIA's GPU Tech Conference (GTC) 2014, I received an e-mail inviting me to try the new 24 hour limited time GRID trial, hosted on Amazon AWS!  I decided it would be good to capture a quick video of my experience poking around, to eliminate all doubt that NVIDIA GRID can deliver a rich user experience, even from the public cloud.  Check out the video that I recorded below: While this video is a bit long, I wanted to cover a couple of the different applications that NVIDIA has pre-loaded [...]

GPU Tech Conference (GTC) 2014 Presentation – If You Build It, Will They Come? Better Question Is, Will They Stay?

I was recently asked to present an session at the GPU Tech Conference 2014, sponsored by NVIDIA ( Below is the description of the session with the attachments and images from the slide deck.  Click here to listen to the 30 minute recorded session online: Speaker Dane Young (@youngtech), Solutions Architect, Entisys Solutions ( Building on S4726 (Intro to Virtualization) and S4783 (Virtual is Better than Physical), this session will take the audience through the most crucial phases of the development lifecycle: Pilot, Production Build, and Roll-out. Regardless of your motivations and business drivers to virtualize, if users don't catch [...]

Windows 8.1 VDI Desktop from Microsoft Xbox One, Courtesy of VMware Horizon View and Blast HTML5!

HTML5 is the way of the future! With HTML5 based web clients and the fact that every modern browser is HTML5 aware, the possibilities for form factors, price points and device flexibility is limitless.  Below is my Microsoft Xbox One, using the Internet Explorer browser and the Horizon View 5.3 web client (Blast HTML5) to connect to a Windows 8.1 virtual desktop! Once connected, I get access to all my Windows Apps and Desktop, just like I would from a laptop, desktop, or tablet! Now all we need is for Microsoft to enable native USB Keyboard and Mouse support!  Sorry [...]

Using PowerShell and Windows Network QoS Policies to Throttle Web-Based Downloads

I wrote a series of Twitter messages this morning with a couple quick how-to steps, but I figured it would be valuable to summarize in a quick blog post.  Back in the day I used web Download Managers to throttle bandwidth usage so I didn't interrupt other traffic on the LAN/WAN. While a LAN/WAN QoS network appliance based approach is the best approach, this capability is built into Windows and PowerShell! Additionally, this can be turned on and off very simply with minimal configuration, so if you're in an internal or customer environment conducting downloads, you can very quickly set some [...]

VSX2012 Presentation – Advancements in Hypervisor Technologies

I was recently asked to present an agnostic session on "Advancements in Hypervisor Technologies" at the Virtualization Solutions Exchange, sponsored by Entisys Solutions ( Below is the description of the session, followed by the YouTube upload and images from the slidedeck. In this presentation Dane Young (@youngtech) Systems Engineer and Jaymes Davis (@cloudprophet) Virtualization Practice Manager from Entisys Solutions discuss the advancements in hypervisor technologies. In an advanced session geared toward technologists and engineers, the presenter will discuss product development timelines and how to create synergies between virtual infrastructures and today's leading hypervisor platforms. Key take-aways from this session include [...]